Ohio Life at Conception Act (HB565) INTRODUCED!

Web, last night the Ohio Life at Conception Act was officially INTRODUCED in the Ohio House!

Thanks to your phone calls and your emails to your state representatives, seventeen cosponsors signed on to the bill!

Its official bill number is House Bill 565!

Including the authors, Representatives Ron Hood and Nino Vitale, that’s nineteen legislators in the Ohio House that want to lead the fight to END abortion in Ohio.

I can’t tell you what a monumental achievement you’ve already accomplished by such a strong showing.

But the babies are counting on this being only the starting point, and we have much work ahead of us to make this pass into law.

That’s why I’m asking for you immediate contribution to the Ohio Pro-Life League.

The media is kicking into overdrive to demonize this bill that would save unborn babies from being murdered.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cincinati.com. Every pro-abort DC organization you can think of.

They’re going on the warpath hoping to browbeat pro-lifers into backing down, but Ohio Pro-Life League will not be swayed.

Over 21,000 unborn boys and girls each year in Ohio are counting on pro-lifers to stand strong and do everything we can to pass this bill!

So please contribute to our efforts to mobilize the grassroots pro-life base across Ohio as generously as you possibly can!

If you can afford $1,000 or $500, we can put it to immediate use. If you can afford $100 or $50 or even $25, every penny is needed.

But whatever amount you can afford, we need to move fast as we head into the committee process with HB565.

Proverbs 29:2 says “when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

For over 40 years, pro-lifers have groaned in our souls because of the precious babies that get killed each year.

But Proverbs 29:2 also say “when the righteous thrive, the people REJOICE!”

The Ohio Life at Conception Act (HB565)  would end abortion in Ohio, and that day will be one to rejoice in!

So please make your contribution to help pass the Ohio Life at Conception Act, and please be as generous as you can!

For the Unborn,

Rev. Richard Knodel, Chairman
Ohio Pro Life League

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Ohio Life at Conception Act (HB565) INTRODUCED!