Ohio Life at Conception Act Open for Cosponsors!

Dear Web,   

The 21,000 babies that die from abortion every year in Ohio hope you’ll read this email and take action – before it’s too late.

You see, Representative Ron Hood and Representative Nino Vitale just sent out an email to their colleagues asking them to cosponsor the Ohio Life at Conception Act!

And Web, we need your help to get YOUR Representative at the Statehouse in Columbus to cosponsor this bill!

More on that below.

For 40 years the pro-life movement has batted around the edges of addressing the murder of the unborn.

Here in Ohio, they’ve tried clamping down on public funding for abortion at the state level, only to have federal money continue to fund it through our Medicaid coffers.

They’ve pretended that forcing abortion “doctors” to have hospital admitting privileges would stop abortion. 

They’ve even claimed that requiring abortion “clinics” to be as clean as restaurants before they’re allowed to kill babies would put a halt to baby deaths.

And right now they’re trying to outlaw certain procedures for killing babies – but still allowing babies to be killed.

The fact is, all these attempts to regulate the abortion industry have failed because unborn little babies continue to pay the ultimate price.

Over 21,000 babies each year, in fact.

That’s why we need to pass the Ohio Life at Conception Act.

This legislation spells out everything you and I know to be true – that life begins at the moment of conception and must be protected by law!

But if we are going to be successful at passing this into law here in Ohio, it will only be because people like YOU get involved.

That’s why I’m asking you to do two things right now:

First, please contact your State Representative and tell them that you expect them to sign on as a cosponsor to the Ohio Life at Conception Act by Reps Hood and Vitale.

To find out who represents you, as well as their contact information, please click HERE.

Simply mouthing pro-life rhetoric to get elected isn’t enough anymore.

With two Republicans for every one Democrat in Columbus, it isn’t like pro-lifers haven’t done the work of electing a "pro-life majority." 

And when it comes down to it, there’s plenty of pro-life Democrats in Columbus, too, that will happily vote for this bill if we can get it to the floor!

Instead, it’s time for our General Assembly to go about the work pro-lifers like us have elected them to do – FIGHT for the unborn!

It’s simple: if they really are pro-life, cosponsoring the Ohio Life at Conception Act will be the easiest decision for them to make in their political careers.

So when you call them, don’t let them fool you with phrases like “now is just not the right time.”

Standing tall for the unborn – the people who literally cannot stand tall for themselves – is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

And please don’t let them fool you with sound-bytes like “we’ve got to take an incremental approach," or "we have to crawl before we can walk,” or "that isn’t how things are done around here." 

40 years of babies dying every day and a 60 MILLION-baby-body-count have painted a horrific picture about how badly that approach has failed.

So please, contact your state representative right away and demand they co-sponsor the Hood-Vitale Ohio Life at Conception Act!

Call them, email them, send them a Facebook message – whatever you do, please do it right away.

Second, I have to ask for your most generous financial contribution to Ohio Pro Life League as well.

Legislation like this will not be easy to pass.

Controversial legislation never is.

But if we are to be successful, it will require tens of thousands of pro-life moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles and cousins to get involved in this battle.

It will be a massive undertaking, but many hands makes light work!

Not only that, but we have Help on our side – take heart!

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 3 that “so then neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.”

The Ohio Pro Life League is committed to planting and watering this issue and helping make it the biggest pro-life political issue for the generation ahead, if necessary.

But it will be God who gives our efforts increase!

I hope you will join with us by contributing as much as you can afford.

Whether you can afford $5,000 dollars or $5 dollars or somewhere in between, we would gratefully accept every penny you can spare.

With your contributions, we will immediately begin a statewide effort to identify and mobilize pro-lifers through digital, email and social media campaigns as well as direct mail delivery.

These efforts will not be inexpensive, but they are what is necessary if we are to be effective.

So please, contact your State Representative today and tell them to cosponsor the Ohio Life at Conception Act by Representatives Ron Hood and Nino Vitale!

And when you are done please contribute as much as you can afford to help launch this effort.

For the Unborn and in Christ,

Rev. Richard Knodel
Ohio Pro Life League

P.S. Ohio Pro Life League has been working hard to bring forward 100% pro-baby “Life at Conception” legislation, and today we’ve done that.

Authored by Representatives Ron Hood and Nino Vitale, this life-saving legislation would protect EVERY unborn baby from the moment of conception.

Please contact your State Representative right away and demand that they sign on as a co-sponsor to the Ohio Life at Conception Act!

To find out who your representative is, please click here.

When you are finished, please also consider a financial contribution to the Ohio Pro Life League.

Whether you can afford a major contribution of $5,000 or whether $5 is more appropriate for your budget, please be as generous as you are able.

Every penny you can afford to give will be put to use in a statewide effort to identify and mobilize pro-lifers through digital, email, social media and direct mail campaigns.

It is vital if our efforts on behalf of the unborn are to be successful!

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Ohio Life at Conception Act Open for Cosponsors!